Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ballers Aid Caltech at Rose Bowl

This past Saturday, Caltech won the inaugural Pasadena Collegiate Field Tournament. Billed as a friendly competitive event at the Rose Bowl, students from higher institutions in Pasadena took part in various competitive activities, from cheeseburger creations to athletic skills to puzzles.

The Beavers were well supported with dozens of students and several faculty members making the short trek to the famous football field. The mayor presented the trophy to the Caltech team before the various groups gathered in the lot for an old fashioned tailgate feast.

The men's basketball team was represented on the playing surface by freshmen ballers Alex Runkel and Pan Wang, both key competitors in the tournament. In an earlier event, Runkel used his athleticism to defend the frisbee toss. Wang (pictured left) is shown celebrating the Caltech victory.