Thursday, March 11, 2010

Caltech Celebrates Season

At the end of each season, various team members are recognized who shined on and off the court at the program's annual awards dinner. All awards are voted on by the players. The Vesper Trophy and Freshman of the Year honors are longstanding departmental awards -- recipients' names are imprinted in the Braun lobby trophy cases.

2010 Men's Basketball Team Awards

Vesper Trophy - Ryan Elmquist '11

Freshman of the Year - Mike Edwards '13

Leader of the Year - Collin Murphy '13

Mr. Glue - Ethan Boroson '13

Most Improved - Marcus Lucas '12

Lockdown Award - Collin Murphy '13

Citizen(s) of the Year - Ethan Boroson '13 and Arjun Chandar '13

Mr. Hustle - Collin Murphy '13

Construction Point Club - Alex Runkel '13, Collin Murphy '13, Ryan Elmquist '11, and Marcus Lucas '12 (pictured left to right with Coach Eslinger)

2010-11 Captains - Ryan Elmquist '11, Collin Murphy '13, and Ethan Boroson '13